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January – April 2021

Madagascar - in the land of lemurs and chameleons


Krzysztof Muskalski photographs


The lemur is an undoubted symbol of Madagascar. This lovable animal lives here in a large family of over 100 species. And Madagascar is the only place in the world where they live. This island became famous by the self-proclaimed "King of Madagascar" Julien XIII in the animated film "Madagascar". Lemurs are unique animals. They were discovered and first described only in 1758. A characteristic feature of their appearance are eyes, wide open, expressive and glowing at night. This is probably why they are called "ghosts of the night" and from this term the name lemur derives. Another characteristic feature is the tail. It is usually half the length of the body and directed upwards is a sign for the rest of the herd. It is also a sign for females and competitors, as lemurs rub secretions from the sex glands into it.


Another inhabitant of Madagascar is the chameleon. It is true that they can be found at other latitudes, but Madagascar has a fairly large representation of them. Chameleons are famous for their ability to change body color. However, they do not adapt to the color of the environment, but rather their color depends on their physical and emotional condition as well as the ambient temperature and light intensity.


Madagascar is one of the poorest countries in the world. This is reflected in the degradation of the natural environment of this fourth largest island in the world. And it is to keep in mind that 90% of Malagasy wildlife does not exist anywhere else in the world. Great hopes are placed in investments in ecotourism, education and private entrepreneurship. May these activities keep King Julian's kingdom in good shape ...



Krzysztof Muskalski 

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